Virtual Fax

Virtual fax which is also referred to as E-fax is a fax system available online that allows you to receive and send faxes using your email. This eliminates the need of having a fax machine. The use of virtual fax to send faxes can only be possible when sending to external fax numbers; no internal extension faxes can be sent. It allows the user to upload electronic documents to a fax portal which in turn converts and sends them to the required fax number. This fax system does not need a telephone line or a fax machine. The incoming faxes are sent to the selected email address of the user.
Virtual fax can be described as a solution to the faxing dilemma. It also does not waste ink or paper and has all the internet benefits: efficiency, economy, availability, mobility, respect and confidentiality. A phone number has to be directed to the virtual fax for you to receive a fax. Virtual fax allows the users to work from different locations as it gives businesses flexibility. For any user or business, there are some advantages that come with the use of virtual fax, they are: convenience, location flexibility, and greater security.
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Go Green, Get Efficient – Switch To Virtual Fax

Switch to virtual fax and save tons of paper and ink. Virtual fax – an efficient, economical and safe way of sending and receiving documents.
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