PBX/SIP Trunking

There are two ways you can setup your VOIP phone system, either you get phone DID or extension for each of your IP phone or you can have a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks. Getting SIP trunks is cheaper but you will be limited to concurrent calls. For example if you get 5 IP phones and get 5 DIDs or extensions, you can make 5 concurrent calls but if you have a SIP trunk of 2 lines over a 5 IP phones network, you will be limited to only 2 concurrent lines. You can always add lines to your SIP trunk if you notice that 2 lines are not enough.
SIP trunks are more suitable to bigger businesses where they have many IP phones but don’t make or receive many calls. Voip24 offers SIP trunks with unlimited local, national and mobile calls and can also terminate SIP trunks on your in-house PBX or you can use our hosted PBX.
You can also port your number on SIP trunk and Voip24 will help to move your phone or fax number across.
If you need more than 10 SIP lines, please call us on 1300 584 007

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