Microsoft Teams Direct Routing


Direct Routing – make and receive business phone calls directly on Microsoft Teams.

Businesses are already using Teams for Chat, File Sharing & Video Conferencing. However, one important factor of communication was missing, making and receiving calls from Local/National number calling directly from Teams including mobiles, i.e. using Microsoft Teams as a complete office phone system.
Traditional telecom companies including VOIP providers cannot access Microsoft Teams Direct Routing (aka Microsoft Integrated phone system) without Session Border Controller (SBC).
Voip24 Telecom proudly provides this service (in addition to common telecom services) for connecting your business phone systems to Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing. Voip24 Telecom provides & manages Microsoft Certified Session Border Controller (SBC).
Microsoft Teams uses IP based voice/video connections commonly known as SIP Trunk to connect to the rest of the world. Voip24 Telecom’s secure certified SBC provides these communications over secure channel to assure communication across the globe.
SIP trunks are more suitable to bigger businesses where they have many IP phones but don’t make or receive many calls. Voip24 offers SIP trunks with unlimited local, national and mobile calls and can also terminate SIP trunks on your in-house PBX or you can use our hosted PBX.
You can also port your number on SIP trunk and Voip24 will help to move your phone or fax number across.

Advantages of Direct Routing with Voip24 Telecom

  • Complete cloud solution Per End-Point or Per Channel
  • Per user per month billing (no lock-in contract)
  • Easily configure and convert existing voice lines to work with Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing
  • External calls to regular Landline/Mobile numbers (not just Teams to Teams)
  • Integrated platform that works with your existing Microsoft eco system
  • Real time collaboration with other team members
  • Easily monitor cloud phone calls
  • Clear and HD voice quality
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Keep your existing phone number (porting charges may apply)
  • Advance call routing & reporting

Requirements – Licensing

End User requires E1, E3 or E5 Microsoft 365 License for Teams to work
If you don’t have above Microsoft 365 license, a Business Voice Add-on will be required and can be supplied by Voip24


  • Client supplies E1, E3 or E5 Microsoft cloud license or we can arrange this for you
  • Voip24 Telecom provides Sip Trunk or Sip Channels for Teams (charges apply)
  • Voip24 Telecom provides Telecom service to PSTN network (charges apply)

Supported Devices

  • Microsoft Teams Softphone application (PC / Phone / Tablet)
  • Yealink MP-58, MP-58-WH and VP-59 hardware IP Phones
Any other MS Teams enabled hardware IP Phones

Get Start With Session Initiation Protocol Trunks

Complete alternative to your conventional copper line phone system. Business grade carrier, crystal clear voice quality and personalised solutions.
If you need Microsoft Teams Direct, please call us on 1300 584 007
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