Feature Codes

Common Feature Codes

In the table below you will find some of the most common dialplan feature codes. These are available in most phone systems, even traditional landline systems such as the ones that companies like Verizon and AT&T provide for your home.
Feature Code Feature Description
*60 Activate a call block on the last call that came in.
*66 Redial the last outbound call when it is busy.
*67 For privacy, this will block your Caller ID name and number.
*69 Return a call to the last person that called in.
*70 Cancel call waiting. Usually call waiting is enabled by default.
*71 Enable call waiting.
*72 Forward all calls to the phone number entered after the feature code.
*73 Cancel call forwarding.
*77 Block all anonymous calls.
*78 Activate Do Not Disturb (DND).
*79 De-activate Do Not Disturb (DND).
*80 Deactivate a call block on the last call (i.e. paired with *60).
*86 Cancel the redial when busy (i.e. paired with *66).
*97 Access your own voicemail box.
*98 Access ANY voicemail box (PBX feature).

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